Wicked Witch Auto 5 fem pack
  • Wicked Witch Auto 5 fem pack
  • Wicked Witch Auto 5 fem pack
  • Wicked Witch Auto 5 fem pack

Wicked Witch Auto 5 fem pack

When the Kerosene Krash Auto from Dutch Passion made its way on market we knew after growing it out it needed to be crossed to the witch doctor to create a more potent version our signature strain. The goal was to keep the potency of the Kerosene but with the Witch Doctor size and structure. 2 main pheno types the first is tall Christmas tree structure with abundant side branching dense buds that give a good yield. The young growers call it gas and what the more seasoned smokers call skunky aromas throughout this girl. Heavy trichrome coverage and purpling on the leaves and in the buds. The second pheno is medium size still 2-3ft tall with very large dense buds this pheno takes a little more time to finish because the buds can swell to an impressive size. Purple leaves that go almost black in late flower The smoke reported on pheno 1 is Sweet, Sour, and Fruity Flavors linger on the pallet. Heavy Hitter can cause coughing fits will impress even the pickiest of smokers. The second pheno is a smooth creamy kush with hints of vanilla, floral followed by gas/skunk back tones.. Thick smoke tastes like dessert flavors you get from the cookie family strains. The Bubba and Gorilla help cre
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