Jogi Og Auto Fem 5 Pack
  • Jogi Og Auto Fem 5 Pack
  • Jogi Og Auto Fem 5 Pack

Jogi Og Auto Fem 5 Pack

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Binary Selections is proud to introduce Jogi OG. Jogi is Japanee for Ruler.

Jogi OG is definitely the new ruler of their collaborative efforts. Her genetics consist of two unreleased strains: Ronin Garden’s Chikara and Magic Strains Alien Overlord. Each of these strains was worked from photoperiod to full auto before being used in this cross. The genetic lineage on both these strains is seriously deep. Please visit for more information.

What does this mean to you the grower? This is by far the most potent and powerful cross from Binary to date. From chem to kush to musk and funk the flavor profile will be a must-have in your garden. She is an excellent candidate for extractions. Or she can be enjoyed in her all-natural flower form.

Plants can easily reach 4 feet tall and yields will be equally commensurate. As with other Binary creations, this will be a limited edition cross so get these beans while you can!

5 feminized auto-flowering seeds per pack!

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