Bum Wine Auto fem 5 pack (Retired)
  • Bum Wine Auto fem 5 pack (Retired)
  • Bum Wine Auto fem 5 pack (Retired)
  • Bum Wine Auto fem 5 pack (Retired)
  • Bum Wine Auto fem 5 pack (Retired)

Bum Wine Auto fem 5 pack (Retired)

Bum Wine Auto (also know as Tyronascope) is a flavor to savor for the funk enthusiast.
Bringing together the size and structure with the berry bubblegum flavor of the Hubbabubbasmelloscope and the frosty funky crack vapor of the Tyrone Special results in a funk extravaganza that is unlike any auto on the market. One can expect flavors from a piercing berry/grape wine sweetness with a funky fermented nose clearing alcohol vapor. Airtight containers are highly recommended.

Flowering time will average 65-75 days from sprout.
High in following terpenes: Geraniol, Humulene and Terpinene

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