Bubba Trouble F4
  • Bubba Trouble F4
  • Bubba Trouble F4
  • Bubba Trouble F4

Bubba Trouble F4

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This strain is the trifecta!!!

Size: White Widow XXL

Flavor: Hubbabubasmelloscope

Potency: Bubba Kush

Right now Bubba Trouble is the biggest auto in my catalog, 3ft plants with high yield is common result. You will see strong growth from start to finish, with many side branches that are falling over themselves by late flower. Bubba Trouble can get big even in small containers so if you have height restrictions you might want to plan accordingly. Buds are frost covered and gives off a sweet smell and kush undertones.

Smoke is great for pain, the mixture of white widow and bubba kush make this strain very relaxing and ideal for night time. The flavor of the the Hubba Bubba and Bubba Kush collide and create a sweet lip smacking taste that will have you reaching for one more bowl before bed.

Overall Bubba Trouble is a great strain and you will see for yourself! It is perfect for those who are looking for a strain with size and great flavor without lacking any potency. Look no Further